Available: Yes

Ken Ramirez

Member Since: 5/23/2018

Turn Around Time: 10 Hours

In Studio: Fri : 2pm - 9pm

About Me: Can go from informative/PSA tone to character voices, bit of gravel to my deep tones.

Gender: Male

I've always had an Intense desire to perform, to act through my voice. I have always been involved in performing arts, did some theatre in Puerto Rico also some television, mostly comedy sketches on local TV, Fell in love with voice over acting in college, while doing a show similar to MST3K, where we would dub movies.rn

No more demos

My Voice Styles Include:

  • Announcer Voice
  • Character Spots
  • Commercials
  • Deep Voice
  • Holiday Theme
  • Narrations
  • Spanish Voices
  • Warm & Friendly

My Languages Include:

  • English
  • Spanish